Cuplock system or cuplock unique node point connection makes it the fastest, safest and most versatile scaffolding ever designed.

Cuplock Standards are manufactured from (YST 240 Gr.) steel tubes which allows up to 57KN load/leg. The connection point is set at 500/1000mm. The captive mobile cups are made out of malleable Cast-iron to ensure rough site handling and welded bottom cups are pressed from high quality steel. Loose square spigots are used to provide trouble free and stronger connection between verticals. We offer wide range of scaffolding cuplock system, cuplock horizontal ledger & cuplock scaffolding system.

All cuplock ledger/cuplock Horizontal have identical forged blade ends, to fit in the cup of standards.


  • Cup Joint: Gives rigid connection between vertical and horizontal member.
  • Cup Action: Faster erection, allows 4 horizontals to be fixed or released in a single operation.
  • Fixing of top cup: Only hammer required.
  • No small loose parts: Looses reduced.
  • Removable spigot: Gives greater flexibility of use.


  • Adjustable Jack: Suitable for providing an adjustment from 75 to 450mm at the top/base.
  • Cantilever 'A' Frame: Provides additional access for support. Also used for cantilever scaffolding.
  • Other cuplock system accessories: Beam Bracket/Bridging Horizontal/Hop-up Bracket/omega Transom etc.