One of the very prevalent staging system, Metriform System allows deshuttering of slab in 3 days time, leaving the props still supporting the slab. The metriforms dropheads system consist of Primary and Secondary Beams supported by Drophead which is in turn supported by Telescopic Props or Cuplock Verticals.

The Panels or Plywood rests on Beams. Three days after the slab is casted, the Drop Head plate is struck to lower the same by around 80 mm and the Shuttering Panels / Plywood along with Primary / Secondary Beams are removed to be used for next casting, while the Verticals / Props along with Drop Heads are left in place to support the slab. The complete assembly is removed in around 7 days time. This metriforms sysytem ensures that a cycle of around 10 days is conveniently achieved and is very prevalent in case of Flat Slab Construction and for Slabs with Coffers.

The Primary Beams are available in convenient size of 2.5m,1,8m,1.2m and 1.0m whereas the Secondary Beams are generally of 0.8m and 1.05m, if using Floorforms and can be around 1.22m in case using Plywood.